Not Yet Immune

  • The heat: I’m not having a trouble with it, and adjusting to sleeping in it as well. But my skin hasn’t been doing as well. I sweat a lot, which is typical considering my heritage, but I should probably use sunscreen despite my tan. I’ve had this problem with heat blisters before, and they’re showing up on my hands right now. It comes from too much exposure to the heat and sun, so I went out and bought sunscreen. I hope I can take this off soon.
  • Nonsense: Still allergic. Don’t tell me science and technology are a thing of the past and not expect me to shut you out of my ‘listen attentively’ sphere.
  • Stray dogs: They’re everywhere and look just like your average dog, except with huge nipples and sad faces. They don’t even look for human attention, just scrounge for scraps. But I’m working on ignoring them, there are actual humans to worry about. I don’t know why the government doesn’t go on a culling spree though. UPDATE: Thinking about it, it’s because the people in the barrios keep getting dogs and not getting them neutered. There’s no way the Dominican government has the infrastructure to either (1) prevent people from owning dogs or (2) pay for the neutering process of tens to hundreds of thousands of dogs.

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