Hanging out with Jack would be a bonus.

This is going to be another page with rolling updates as they come up. Think of it as a bucket list, except the end of my ‘life’ is pretty much just a comfortable JetBlue flight out of the country towards home for the holidays (maybe that’s what the real thing is like too, who knows?). Please feel free to add suggestions, but make them reasonable, interesting, in or around the Dominican Republic, and fun. I don’t want to add things like “ponder the chemical composition of a banana for seven hours” or “get a solid eight hours of sleep”. Fire away.

  • Food & Drink: Chimi, añugaperra, refresco rojo, pico pollo, batata, matila, empanada, yaniqueque, tostada, sanchocho, sambubio, mamajuana, mafongo, cocido
  • Climb Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean
  • Go to Montecristi and summit El Morro
  • Learn dominoes with locals at a colmado
  • Play street chess against a local
  • Learn to dance the merengue, salsa, and bachata
  • Read a book in Spanish (a real one, not Twilight)
  • Stop hearing that song about the floor by Jennifer Lopez
  • Rent a motorcycle and drive somewhere
  • Live at least 3 days without electricity/water
  • Go one full day without speaking a word of English
  • Your input?

5 thoughts on “Goals

  1. a) Learn to ‘lead’ when dancing; particularly with your grandmother, the salsa dancer
    b) visit one of the massive lingerie factories in the DR to see how many pieces and parts necessary to make a bra

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