July -1st

Is it July negative first or is it July zeroth? It certainly isn’t June 30th. Either way, tomorrow is supposed to be the start of the two hottest months down here (weird, I thought it was going to be winter in this hemisphere), which is turning out to be complete mularky. I’m looking at the forecast right now, and it’s 90 today, going down to highs of 87-87-87-86-87 over the next five. Either global warming is a myth like non-assless chaps or seasons don’t act like clockwork just because a human-made calendar decides to change the name of a timeframe. I’m leaning towards the former, and buying a goose-down jacket. Off to things:

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Punta Cana

Eight days will mark one month that I’ve been here, and ten days is two months after my graduation ceremony. The events of my arrival here and departure from scholasticity seem like a distant memory, and this already feels like the new ‘normal’, which happens every time I change locations. A trend a co-worker tends to experience in his writing is the eventual lack of surprise or wonderment at the daily life, even living in far away places. That causes him to assume nothing ‘new’ or ‘interesting’ is happening and therefore stop writing ever so slowly. I’m going to try to stay alert for some things that you wouldn’t see elsewhere, and keep it interesting. Continue reading