• Bruised bananas
  • The heat: Conquered
  • “Ay Gringo”: I think it’s an insult in some Latin cultures, but here it’s just a term of identification. At least I’m not an ‘Idioto’. Being an outsider ain’t too bad.
  • No dryer: Wouldn’t work in Boston, but leaving my clothes until they’re dry is fine, even when it starts pouring in the middle of a drying session. Just wait to take them down until tomorrow, when the sun will bake them to a crisp.
  • No dishwasher: No problem. It’s actually easier doing your dishes as you use them than unloading the dreaded dishwasher. Now about those clothes on my floor….
  • Hay fever: I’ve never actually looked it up but I think it’s when you display symptoms of having allergies that go away after a few days/weeks of living in a new place. For the first few days, I had it here, but it went away. Thank god, cause in London it lasted for at least two weeks.
  • ‘Navy’ / Cold showers
  • Beggars: I think I always was, actually
  • Boxed milk: It’ll do
  • Getting lost: I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, it definitely does. It just doesn’t bother me, I’m just finding a slower route to get there.

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