July 19

Welcome to the thunder-dome:

– Saturday, I went to the beach called Juan Dolio to meet up with some co-workers. It was a beach with sand and water and relaxing, as beaches should be.

– Sunday was my host’s birthday, so they cooked and had a few people over. Some of the awful things I was forced to consume were pasta and homemade sauce, garlic and ginger chicken, and avocado, along with some salad. Then there was a cake called ‘poudin’, which is French for ‘cake’ (maybe). Did some eating, drinking, talking listening, reading, and resting. Sometimes you just need to relax.

– Ah, I had a great twelve hours starting Sunday night. Got a good night’s guitar practice in Sunday night, and went to bed feeling good. Pupo didn’t feel tired at 11, however, and would not shut up. He must’ve had a rough day (maybe his joints hurt from growing so fast), because he was very tempermental all day. Sometime after I went to my room, he diarrhea’ed right in the path between crow’s nest to the main apartment. Being night and dark, I didn’t realize until it almost fully banana-peeled me as I was chasing him down. Round 1: Pupo.

I woke up, got a good start to work (boiling hot day) albeit a little tired, and got to listen to some things that rubbed me the wrong way. No big deal, nothing that a little.. gallons of excellent Dominican coffee can’t solve. Anyways, work came and went and then went to the gym, then cooked some beef something. I don’t really follow any recipes (unless I do), but pretty much everything I cook includes some amount of garlic, cayenne pepper, olive oil, and beans. It tastes good and is cheap.

Oh, almost forgot. So you know how I went to the gym (mentioned 4 lines up), right? Well, I come home to an empty apartment except for the two dogs. I’m talking to the puppy, mentioning something like “Pupo, I don’t want to step in your crap again, it would really -“, and proceeded to step in his feces (running out of PG words here) immediately. Round 2: Pupo. Sometimes, I’m not disappointed that he’s going to the farm on the next visit (within the next couple weeks).

– ….Sorry, just got caught up watching To Catch a Predator highlights. Funny because Chris Hansen just got caught cheating on his wife. Random thought: With the NBA lockout possibly affecting the 2011-12 season, I’m thinking hockey could become extreeeemely popular. It already passed baseball to become the 3rd most watched sport (or maybe basketball – something happened).

– I bought a jar of roasted red peppers. I can’t open it, so everyday I try just twice and then put it back in my pantry. The count is at 5 days.

– This weekend I go to Samana with a bunch of the interns, who are actually leaving in about two weeks. That’s funny because they have to leave while I get to stay. It’s also sad because it means two months will have already passed on my trip here, time is moving fast. I remember the first night lying in that foreign bed and thinking how am I ever going to get used to this, it’s so damn hot and I don’t know anybody and where is my roommate pooping with the door open and why can’t I just have a Dunkin’ Donuts large Iced Dark Roast? Man, I was childish. That’s now my room that I look forward to returning to, at a comfortable cool temperature that it gets to at night (75 degrees), without a stink and loch ness monster noises, and after having a day fueled by natural, homegrown coffee with raw sugar. Everything Most lifestyles becomes normal at some point.

Alright, I’m going to wrap this up. But before I do we’ll play a game. What’s good to play while working on Excel? How about while writing? Or even reading or cooking? Never tried it but it’s probably fun to play while getting ready for a multi-month space mission to Mars….

Talking Heads

Dominicanismos: Ahora (casually) – Now…ish, so in a little bit; Ahora (strongly) – Now; Ahorita – Now…when we get to it…an hour…


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