Here Comes a Storm…

do do do doooo....

It’s raining and thundering so loud here I can hardly hear myself think. Also, car alarms are going off and Pucha is trying to crawl herself into a mousehole. Pupo is too young to be scared and is eating a shoe. I’m going to go for a run because a man still needs his exercise. Don’t worry, I have a heavy duty umbrella so I don’t get wet.

In all honesty, it’s not safe to walk outside when it’s raining. I went half a block to get the best hun-cal froyo today and there were two downed wires laying on the ground in the rain. All I can say is, I hope they don’t tase me, bro.


One thought on “Here Comes a Storm…

  1. Glad you decided to postpone your run until after the storm passes. Running in lightening with a metal umbrella is not a good idea. So crawl in the mouse hole with Pucha and stay safe. Your wise old grandma Ann.

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