Pupu comes from the Dominicanismo “Pucha”, which is just a general nickname for someone you like or adore. It’s similar to “sweetie”, or “honey”, or “Hey, you”. ‘Pucha’ is the name of the 3-year old Rottweiler/Swiss Shephard mix that my landlady has. Pupu is her grandson.

In American, “pupu” it is what a toddler calls excrement. This Pupu takes very well to that meaning. I woke up at 3:30 this morning, checked to make sure he was still there chilling, which he was at the foot of my bed. I then saw that I dropped something near my desk, and didn’t want him to choke on anything, so I grabbed my phone and turned on the light. I didn’t drop anything, he did. I think he unloaded about half his bodyweight onto my floor. Anyways, that’s fine, having stone floors should make things easy on the clean-up. He also peed on my floor, but that’s almost not even worth mentioning.

How can you hate when he’s just so cute, though?

Reading: Stranger in a Strange Land

Listening: Domínguez, Silvio Rodríguez

Dominicanismo: Pelota – Baseball (as opposed to ‘beísbol’). Also, the field is called a ‘play’


One thought on “Pupu

  1. How sweet you are to forgive “pupu” for his accidents on your floor. You will have to train him to do his business outside. So nice that yo have some animals to keep you from getting lonesome. Seems you are picking up some local customs such as Pelota. You will have to readjust completely when you return to the US, Have fun neito. Love, tu abuela.

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