Price Comparisons

I think my site is established enough to have features, right? I’m fielding advertising offers from Phillip Morris and Texaco (I’m not legally allowed to say how so exactly, but get ready for a return of Joe Camel in your local middle school locker rooms), so I can actually do whatever I want. Beware, if you are not already a registered subscriber to my site (I think look in the ‘About’ section) you may be hitting a pay wall soon. I hired Rupert Murdoch as my Chairman of the Board and official business consultant. My other board members include the entire band of My Morning Jacket, Gumby, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film (OMG so excited) , Lolit Homay, and Sue Bird. Title IX is obnoxious.

For this little guy, I’ll start with just a post. My comparisons for the United States are based off of Boston, which is notoriously expensive and dressed in dumb pink preppy clothing with whales. If you want to compare to, let’s say Wyoming, halve the price and double the racism.

Santo Domingo / United States

A night out : $15 maximum / $30 mininum

Lunch (5-star guy near work, Dom Franklin / Q’Dolocopotle): $3.00 / $8.00

Rent: $250-$300 / $600-$1400

Public transportation: $.60 / $1.75

Converse Chuck Taylors: $70 / $45

4-hour bus ride (S.D-Cabarete / Boston-NYC): $15 / $15

40oz. beer: $3.00 / $2.50

Bottle of Dasani: $1.25 / $1.75 (and a loss of your dignity due to it being a completely unnecessary expense)

20 minutes of airtime on a cell phone: $2.50 / Free.99

All-natural coconut water chopped out by a saint right in front of you: $.80 / N/A

Gas (by the gallon): $6.00 / $4.00 (stop complaining)

Hostel room: $15-20 / $45-80

Bag of pistachios: Way too expensive / ditto

Reading: Stranger in a Strange Land (I’ll be done tonight)

Listening: Live at Okonokos (9.30.2006), My Morning Jacket

Dominicanismo: Piña – The fruit (pineapple) or a mosh pit


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