June 9 – Happy Birthday, Q

I don’t expect this posting frenzy to continue for six months, we’d get far too tired of each other and probably have to call it off after a few fights over my little things like my music choices or the fact that you can’t differentiate “your” and “you’re”. Anyways, today:

– Returned to the barrio, followed a different mentor, went to a couple morning meetings and actually participated by interviewing a few associates. Again, a life experience.

– From the ladies at one of the meetings I got a list of Dominican foods I have to try: Chimi, añugaperra, refresco rojo, pico pollo, batada, matila, arepas/empanadas, fritura, yaniqueque, tostada, sanchocho, y sambubio. Also: mamajuana. I ain’t never scared.

– No guagua rides today, hence no near-death experiences. However, I’m doing my best to keep the masses entertained so stay tuned. YouTube is for stuff like this and this and this, right?

– My living situation got so much more awesome today. As I said, my landlady/house-parents have been traveling and I’ve been hanging with her madre and tía. Well, they got back today. I knew the husband was an author and guessed what he was into judging by all of the International Affairs books and general library they have (including one of my favorites – Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P. Huntington). I talked to him for a little while, and he’s an ex-Cuban Intelligence officer turned military activist against the Cuban government. He gave me a couple of his books to read, and now I’m tearing through my Sci-Fi read to get to them. They’re in Spanish, but we’ll give it my best. Definitely going to put more effort than the one paragraph -fine, three sentences- of El ingenioso caballero don Quijote de la Mancha.

Reading: Stranger in a Strange Land

Listening: Rubber Factory, The Black Keys

Dominicanismo: Zafacón – Garbage can


One thought on “June 9 – Happy Birthday, Q

  1. Ouch! You tossed me head first en el zafacon. At least you didn’t call me out by name. Anyway, thumbs up on you’re music selection — gotta love The Black Keys. jaja

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