199x, Orlando: Get lost at Blizzard Beach for a few hours as a single-digit child thinking I can do the lazy river by myself. Disney World ruined forever.

2008, Boston: Go wrong way on Green Line trying to get back home, then continue in the wrong direction through the ghetto of Boston to the end of the famed Orange Line before seeing the Prudential Building (my North Star) and trekking back home, through the rain without a phone. No damage, 2.5 hours lost.

2009, Cádiz: Stop and get snack for 13 hour train ride to Barcelona, miss train by 10 minutes. Lose USD$100 for train ticket next day and extra night of hostel.

2010, London: Sprint 3/4 of a mile to make a 14 hour bus to Scotland by 2 minutes because I have no idea where the station is. Had left 20 minutes earlier planning on smooth sailing when I had no idea where I was going. Made bus, made The Open Championship, didn’t make history.

2011, Santo Domingo: Coming back in the pouring rain from hotel where other interns are staying, take wrong route on guagua which takes the right fork where I go left (they must be fans of Robert Frost), end up about a mile and a half past my required destination en la Zona Universidad. Luckily I ended up by the last/first stop on the metro and find my way back home. Lose ~40 minutes, USD$1.00, and my dignity. Gain one pretty dominican señorita who helps me put a tourniquet on my comedy of errors and get me to the metro. I’ll call it a net positive.

Tomorrow I go to my first barrio, which is luckily on the same metro line I get on every day near my apartment. Plus I get picked up at the other side. This will go smoothly, right?

Buena noche, amigos.

Reading: It’s been less than a day and I just got home, I’m still reading the same book.

Listening: On Promenade, Doug Burr

Dominicanismo: Que lo que? – What’s up


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